About Us

Here at Furniture for Trees, we believe in creating a more sustainable future for the generations that come. We also believe that everyone can play a part, no matter how little a step they are willing to take. 

Our ethos is simple - For every £250 that is spent through our website, we will plant a new tree in the UK, helping people do there bit for the environment without even changing their habits.

Our products range is suitable for both commercial and home use, with indoor and outdoor products to choose from there are plenty of options weather your looking for your restaurant, bar, cafe, or just your dining room! We Are also proud to offer the innovative NOROCK table bases as part of our range, with their self-stabilising technology  

Another way we are introducing sustainability is working with our trusted partners to supply a Pre-Loved range that has previously seen life in commercial environments such as restaurants and bars. This furniture is is normally removed when a venue closes, or is refurbished and most ends up in landfill. Most of the time, this furniture is in a perfectly good, usable condition - and that is where we step in. We ensure the furniture is still fit for purpose, and re-sell it onto the market. There are various grades of products which range from good condition, with a few minor marks and scratches - to poor condition, where they are noticeable marks and scratches. We will never sell an unusable product, and with some love and attention these products could be a very cost effective option to buying new furniture. Our Pre-Loved products have varying quantities depending on the products, so you could grab a one-off bargain as a statement piece or you could buy a full set to furnish part of your venue or even your dining room.

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